If you are looking for a professional acne treatment by a licensed cosmetic doctor then you are at the right place at Groot Hertoginne Instituut.

Acne is a nasty skin condition due to inflammation of the sebaceous glands. It mainly affects teenagers but also adults (especially women) with ages between 30 and 40 years.

Acne starts approximately at the onset of puberty. Men’s acne is often more violent than women’s acne. Excessive sebum production is stimulated by male hormones (androgens). If moderate to severe acne goes untreated for a long time, scars may develop.

Girls can get pimples around the age of eight, boys usually around the age of 14. Hormones and hereditary predisposition may play a role in this. Pimples are usually most present between the age of 16th and 19th. After that, it usually decreases. However, some people still have “juvenile pimple” after the age of 30. People who have had severe acne can often have lifelong scars in the form of pits and skin irregularities.

The root cause of acne is hormonal. Genetic predisposition also seems to play a role. People with acne often have oily/shiny skin. Higher sebum production causes a blockage in the sebaceous glands, easily causing inflammation, especially if the tissue is damaged by squeezing.

Psychologically, acne can have a negative effect on the self-image of those with acne, this can have social consequences. Often a professional acne treatment by medical doctor is really necessary.

Acne worsens by using soap or squeezing. Soap disturbs the natural balance and pH value of the skin. Hands are never really clean and by sitting on pimples dirt and bacteria are brought to the already inflamed place. Pimples can be itchy or sensitive, which makes one sit on it (unconsciously).

When squeezing or expressing pimples, people press two fingers on both sides of a pimple, breaking through the abscess and pushing the pus outwards. When this goes well, the pimple heals and disappears quickly. However, this is not recommended if a pimple is not yet completely “ripe”, i.e. if there is not yet an encapsulated abscess that wants to break outwards. It is also recommended to do this not with the bare fingers but with pieces of paper in between. The pus can cause new infections and greater inflammation if the hairstyle tears inwards. Also, by touching sharp nails, for example, a bleeding wound can occur, while through bare hands dirt and bacteria are brought into the wound.

In general, it is best to wash the skin regularly without soap and not to get the pimples (do not pick, scratch or squeeze). Eventually, a pimple dries out and disappears, and usually acne disappears altogether after puberty.

In 2004, Scientists reported that German scientists cracked the genetic code of the bacterium, paedating the way for the pharmaceutical industry to develop drugs.

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