Choosing the right treatment

For your forties

The difference between people who have been well taking care of their skin and those who do not really have done that, will begin to become apparent. The skin will be a lot less oily and drier, causing fine lines to appear. Dead skin cells will really build up, causing the skin to look dull and the pores look larger. If you have exposed your skin to too much sun, dark spots will start to appear.

Lines and wrinkles will become more apparent around the eyes and on the forehead. Loss of elastin and collagen will have a hanging effect on the lower part of the face, making the mouth corners go down and deep lines will appear on the nose to mouth area. The skin of your neck and décolleté area will also begin to limp and wrinkle.

A good skin care and a good sunscreen (sun block) is a must at that age. But there is much you can do before you book an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

As in your thirties, glycolic peel and Botox injections will help enhance "the look" of your skin and the lines to soften. Treatments with hyaluronic acid will restore your skin and will provide for a more youthful appearance.