Mesotherapy is a natural homeopathic based remedy for the skin. Traditional therapy uses a tiny needle, but if you have a fear of needles then we have a special technique without needles that is very effective.

How does mesotherapy work ?

Mesotherapy assists the body to dissolve the fat in the skin and breaks up the network of connecting tissue fibres that form, trapping fat cells and resulting in fatty deposits. As with all fat that is broken down during typical weight loss, it is carried through the bloodstream and excreted by the kidneys and bowel. Your medical practitionner is able to tailor the Mesotherapy remedies to treat more than one condition at the same time ( fat loss, skin tightening ). There is no limit to the number of areas you can have treated in one appointment. A course of Mesotherapy treatments is recommended with one every 2 weeks for 6 treatments, then a maintenance treatment every 3 to 6 months depending on your skin care and lifestyle.

Mesotherapy fat dissolving treatments

Until recently, treatment of your fatty tissue collections required surgical procedures such as liposuction. No longer – fat dissolving Mesotherapy treatments can reduce, if not eliminate, unsightly small fatty deposits and is ideal for eye bags and double chins.

Mesotherapy eye bags treatments

Did you think nothing could be done about your eye bags? The great news is that a short course of tiny Mesotherapy eye bag treatments can reduce eye bags up to 80%.

Mesotherapy skin firming

You can brighten and tighten your skin around the face and neck giving you a glow of health and vitality. We can improve the décolleté area as well.