Frequently Asked Questions about botox injectables and dermal fillers.


  • Does Botox treatment hurt?
    There is non need for local anaesthetic creams for Botox injections as the injections are small and quick. At the most you may feel a slight sting at the injection site for a few seconds. However if you are particularly worried about pain, ice can be applied to the area before hand to numb the skin a bit.

  • Do dermal fillers hurt ?
    Injections can be uncomfortable and therefore you are offered a local anaesthetic cream to the skin being treated , which is applied 30 minutes before treatment.

  • Will I have a lot of swelling ?
    • With Botox – there is only transient swelling at the injection site that fades in about an hour.
    • With dermal fillers, Sculptra – you are more likely to have some swelling that can last up to 48 hours. I would advice that you do not plan any major social events for a few days after your treatment to avoid disappointment.

  • Can I fly after my beauty treatment ?
    Yes, with all the treatments you can fly afterwards, but we advise you to wait a few days. It is always advisable to drink plenty of water on the flight to avoid dehydration of the skin.

  • How long till I see results ?
    The time from treatment to results varies according to the individual treatments, as well as the patient.
    • Botox – results will 2-3 days after the treatment but the maximum effect is not to apparent till 10-14 days after the treatment.
    • Restylane / Juvederm – results are immediate but you may have to wait till the swelling has gone down to fully appreciate the final effect.
    • Sculptra – results can take up to 6 weeks and after 2 treatments to be fully appreciated.

  • Can I go to the gym after my treatment ?
    With all the treatments, exercise on the day of treatment is not advised. Otherwise you can go back to your exercise regime when you feel comfortable.

  • Can I have a facial / massage / sauna after my treatment?
    With all treatments is advised to avoid any extremes of temperature for a few days afterwards. We would advise avoiding any facial massage, facial treatments (e.g., microdermabrasion ) and exposure to extreme sun for a week after all facial cosmetic treatments.

  • Can I combine other treatments with dermal fillers?
    Many of our clients combine dermal fillers with Botox for an overall younger looking skin. If you are exploring procedures to counter the effects of ageing, then you might like to visit our The right beauty treatment page.