Lip treatments with Restylane.

Lip augmentation

Lip treatments have come a long way, gone are the fake inflated "trout pouts". Groot Hertoginne Institute specialise in the natural lip look, enhancing the clients own lip shape by taking into account their age, face shape and personal needs.

The product used is Restylane hyaluronic acid dermal filler. Restylane has no animal content and last about 6 months ( longer than collagen fillers ). Restylane is non-permanent and gradually disappears over time. This filler has been used for lip treatments for a decade now and have an excellent safety record.

At your initial consultation with one of our practitioners, treatment options, side effects and results will be discussed. You will be offered an anaesthetic product to numb the lips, so the treatment should be pain-free. Afterwards your lips will be swollen and tender for about 24 hours, but will quickly settle. Occasionally small lumps may be felt along the lip border but these tend to settle within a week and are not visible.